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New Managing Director at TYPOS

Jiri has been working in Typos for 35 years in various management positions, being a Managing Director since 1991. He has made remarkable footprint in its organisation, being in charge of integration into EDS Group in 1993, development of large format, continuous and digital print. He was also responsible for building of a new site at Borska pole and movement of the company to its current location. EDS highly appreciate his contribution to the Group and I’d like to thank him for the work done. Jiri’s technical and customer relation skills will not be abandoned and he will continue working for the Group as an Advisor.

Dominik Metzler has been working for EDS since 2008, starting as Business Development Manager, and then from 2011 as a Vice President Sheetfed Division and also as a Managing Director of Typos and Passavia. Before EDS, Dominik was a Managing Director at  CPI MORAVIA BOOKS and at PASSAUER NEUE PRESSE DRUCK GmbH, Passau.

This change is continuation of Typos  turnaround process and follows the recent start of new Production Director Ludek Belac and new CFO Jana Hybsova. Stanislav Sorm remains in his position as a Commercial Director.

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