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Direct Mail

Direct mail – Let´s get down to business!

A well-designed mailing which is focused on the target group is an important link between supply and demand. As a matter of fact the adverts key message has to reach the reader within 20 secconds. Perception and low costs of this sales oriented communication tool convince our customers. Whereas sales representatives are able to react quick and of course in a direct dialogue, it is the copywriter´s challange to anticipate possible questions and realize requests and objections. An anticipated but effective dialogue with the target group will occur and result in a perfect request.

Our experience is your advantage

To optimize sales and services you need a conclusive and integrated conception which combines all the different marketing tools. We finalize your campaign with you and your customers. For example standard letters or mailings could be sent including response elements. Feedback will be recorded immediately. Saved and adjusted customer data will provide a basis for further customized actions. Due to different templates it is possible to analyze and utilize every single campaign. Direct mailing targets customers. It is an important element and a form of electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM).