EDS Group


Magazines – we revive paper

Distinguished journalism, professional articles, the latest technical expertises and scientific findings, television magazines, gossip of the rich and famous as well as recipes and houskeeping advice have to be disposed. Colourful as life itself – every new edition will inform, entertain and persuade our readers.

Four-colour, black and white, folded, stapled, bounded…ambitious glossy…budget-priced offset-print products…Nowhere else such options and requirements can be found.

Every edition – just in time and perfect

We provide large publishing houses as well as small specialist printers with a variety of heatset and sheetfed division. We fold, staple or glue your products, parcel, shrink-wrap or package your goods on pallets. These attractive services are our strenght and your advantage.

200 recurrent products which leave our premisses constantly prove that EDS delivers your products competitive, on schedule and with the expected quality.