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Prepress by EDS – Profesionalism occurs before printing

Prepress is part of the printing process and includes HighRes Scans, DIN A2, data preparation, layout design, imposition, digital and contact proofs as well as 4c-blueprints. According to the printing process for example offset printing requires printing plate exposures or computer to plate (CTP). Highly qualified manpower will accompany you from production service to efficient product management.

Technical know-how guarantees high economic efficiency

Before starting the printing process some points have to be considered to guarantee a smooth production flow. An efficient digital workflow management guarantees an ideal coordination of several printing components for example ink, plates, printing substrate and printing machine.
EDS prepress services deliver digital and contact proofs to ISO standards –the most important foundation of efficiency and quality.
Years of experience, continuing education and recent technology ensure that we are the perfect printing partner. Furthermore our premisses have enough capacity to store your printing plates professionally in case you need a reprint.