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The eds.group (Euro-Druckservice GmbH) with its headquarters situated in Passau, is one of the biggest and with a stable operating result also one of the most profitable printing house groups in Europe.
Since the foundation 1992 many commercial printing houses have been taken over, developed, built or merged. Today, eds.group contains eight companys in five countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

  • Incomparable is the diversity in printing: from digital to offset, up to high-volume heatset printing.
  • Equally special is the diversification across several customer and product groups – this guarantees stability and flexibility for you and ourselves!
  • Our local teams have a very profound consulting Know-How and passion for print! Put us to the test!
  • The eds.group is „close to market“ – this saves time and costs for you. Internationality is our business – we reject nationalism.
  • Our group is stable and safe! The companies help each other out if necessary, for example at dealing with capacity fluctuations. The shareholders take care of a secure financing.

We believe – like our customers – in value in print, because:

– We are an integral part of the value chain of our customers
– With our large printing services and up- and downstream service offerings we contribute to the success of our customers
– Print is a trustworthy medium who inspires confidence – completely free from „fake news“
– Print is a cheap PUSH-medium with access for everyone – and therefore stays the leading medium for commerce
– Print gives the haptic feeling of comfort and home
– Print is, thanks to a careful production and one of the best recycling systems worldwide, environmentally friendly and sustainable

It’s our goal also in the future to expand even more on the position as leading print service provider in central and eastern Europe.

We are happy that you visit our website – we look forward to a first acquaintance!