We fold, stitch or stick your publications, pack them into packages or on palettes, shrink-wrap them or send them separately. A full service that makes you strong. 200 periodical products, which leave our printing houses on a regular basis, prove: the eds.group delivers affordable, punctually and in the quality that you expect.

When there has to be printed fast and extensive, the heatset offset method is always a good choice. That advantage is for sure also used for printing magazines! In the shortest possible time there are manufactured tons of paper rolls – always at the point and in best quality.
Magazines with large print runs are therefor predestined for heatset offset printing.

Besides of very large print runs we also realise products with a smaller extent. Sheetfed printing is qualified for high as well as lower print runs and is therefor the allrounder of printing methods. Most of printed products are produced with this flat printing process – among them, of course, magazines.

No matter what extent you strive for in printing magazines – we always determine the most efficient solution for you!