Prepress is a sub-process of the printing process and includes high-resolution scans up to A2, data preparation, retouching or image editing, layout creation, imposition, digital and contact proofs, 4c blueprints and computer to plate (CTP). The aim here is to create a plate. Here, too, you have highly qualified specialists at your side for optimum production guidance and rational production management.

Before the actual printing, some considerations have to be made to guarantee a smooth process. Efficient, digital workflow management guarantees the optimal coordination of individual components of the printing process such as ink, plate, substrate and printing press. The's prepress service companies supply digital proofs and contact proofs certified in compliance with ISO standard – the be-all and end-all of continuity in the performance and quality of our print products. Many years of experience, continuous training and state-of-the-art technology make us especially reliable in this sensitive area. In addition, our print shops have sufficient storage capacity to archive existing templates and plates professionally for any planned reprint.