The german Corporate Governance Codex defines compliance as the responsibility of the management to comply with the legal provisions and intra-company directives.

The management lives these values and obliges to the fulfillment of conformity with the rules of our company. That doesn’t include laws or legal privisions only, but also rules that we comply to voluntarily – for example our ISO- or environmental certifications. Concrete Rules for example for the prevention of corruption and cartel agreements, the compliance with guidelines concerning data protection and equal treatment, regarding regulations for product safety and occupational safety are part of our concrete compliance program.

Our compliance culture should convey the importance that we attach to the compliance of rules to all shareholders, as well as customers and suppliers of our company – and along with that hopefully increase the willingness of compliant behavior of all participants.

For questions to compliance according, please apply to:
Ruprecht von Beckedorff – Finance Director | ruprecht.beckedorff(at) | mobile: +49 174 2463404