Business supplement – this "mass printed matter" in the classic sense with print runs in the millions is a product focus of the produce supplements, leaflets, flyers, brochures, etc. in the shortest possible time – close to market – with state-of-the-art technology according to individual requirements.As an indispensable advertising medium, the business supplement – often simply called a leaflet – has been able to clearly show its strengths as an effective PUSH communication medium, not least during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and remains the leading medium of business. The leaflet also helps when customer visits are limited – and offers the best opportunity to present a variety of offers and lead customers into the shop. At, we print supplements and leaflets that are outstanding in their creativity, target group relevance, dialogue function and textual design. Even if the occasionally dusty image of the leaflet, the aspects of environmental and climate awareness are always an issue, the following applies: “Even in times of digital change, household advertising with printed leaflets is proving to be a popular information medium that demonstrates its effectiveness,” says BVDA Managing Director Sebastian Schaeffer.